Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Craft schemeing

So, I've been thinking up ideas to make some more felt holiday decorations. Here are my sketchy ideas. Maybe some how I can make these little crafty items into something I can sell or give away. Hopefully soon I will get started on production, progress photos will come.

ps: If you like the designs please don't steal, just make me make you one.


  1. I love you :)
    That rabbit is TO DIE FOR! It would also make a good sheep.
    I know this person's dolls are a little on the creepy side, but I like how she combines fabric and hard surfaces. Just to throw an idea at you...because I too have been craft scheming :)

  2. Thanks! is a sheep, hahahah oh well.

    Neat artist thanks for sharing!

    Some day we should craft together!!