Thursday, April 7, 2011

Artistic schlump: that's what I've been up to

So I disappeared to Enola PA last week to visit family. I had a great time, but I've been feeling not that inspired to create art. But here is what I did anyhow.

Watching America's Next Top Model:

I get so glued to this show some times it scares me. Above is what I drew while watching. I'm not sure that I like it.

Idea Fail:

I thought I had an idea for an awesome short film. Then I wrote it down and didn't like it anymore.

Another card:

I made a card for a baby shower. But I know it's hard too see, I didn't think to take a better picture before I licked the envelope.

Some Practice:

I went to the park when I got back to NYC and did some really quick sketches of the people going to work. I wanted to stay and draw more, but my hands froze from the not-really-yet-spring weather.

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