Monday, March 28, 2011

Progress on a project that's still in progress...

So, I've been working on this little animation test on and off again since last September, and well I'm still working on it. It's a "scene" from the book Wrinkle in Time where Mrs. Whatsit turns into a centaur like alien. The problem is I keep adding and adding, I'm not sure where the finish is.
The first half is animated and then it's just keys, and yes, I do need to reference and redo the gallop a little. I'm sure it's driving all you horse fans crazy.


  1. Wow! The transformation looks great! The horse run keys seem to skate.

  2. Neat! I love the centaur bit! You're doing a really great job :)

  3. Thanks Juno! Yeah...I need to work on that gallop.

    Thanks Rachel! Maybe I'll finish it one of these days!