Friday, March 11, 2011

Making some cards

I actually started making cards awhile ago when I went to buy a card and had that moment,"Wait, I'm an artist gosh darn it! I'll just make my own greeting cards!". But because I'm too poor to buy all that fancy card making supplies, I decided to use recycled material, receipts, tissue paper from gifts, retail stickers from my boyfriend (thanks Juno!), etc.

So I dabbled with card making here and there, but I still managed to miss birthdays. So my new years resolution for 2011 was to make a home made card for every birthday in my family (and a few friends). I have been successful so far, there was just that one card, that I made and didn't mail it in time...sorry Leah.

There is only one birthday in my family in March, so I made another one for someone in my family who is recuperating from surgery. (I'm sure you two can guess who you are)

The first one is made out of recycled cards and tissue paper, the other out of a fortune cookie box. And yes I ate all those cookies...and they were delicious.

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